like a bank vault, but encrypted and anonymous

Life is unpredictable. Take care of your future in advance. Just in case.

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For example: «What nickname did the family jokingly give to their friend after he fell off the boat during a vacation in Santa Monica?»
Use simple formulations
The hint will help to recall the correct answer later

100% anonymous and encrypted storage of private data - to create and access the storage,
no phone or personal/contact information is required, and an unlimited number of individuals who know the access credentials can use the storage.


Pose questions that only you and/or your trusted individuals know the answers to.

It is possible to guess or crack these combinations, but it would take approximately 400 years.


Add any textual information to the storage and receive a unique personal number.

Rest assured that your trusted individuals will receive the message in its current state.


Save the assigned storage number - it is the key to access the information.

Access without knowing the correct answer will not be possible.

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Man is mortal, but that would be half the trouble

"Man is mortal, but that would be only half the problem. The bad thing is that he is sometimes suddenly mortal, that's the trick!" - These words by Mikhail Bulgakov from "Master and Margarita" perfectly reflect the philosophy of Remory. We realize that our life is valuable and unpredictable, and that's why we have created a service that allows you to store your secrets in the most secure form possible.


@noosferus, Founder of Remory

Remory offers a new approach to the task of anonymous storage and access to highly valuable text information, such as a seed phrase, will, or other private data. The technology is based on the unique properties of human memory and a technological approach to encryption.

Learn more about the technology and possible scenarios for using the service.

Another person's soul — darkness

Amazing fact, but some individual and emotional events remain in a person's memory for a lifetime.

Information such as a date or circumstances of meeting a close person is highly individual and can unconsciously remain in a person's memory for a lifetime, without leaving a digital trace - it cannot be guessed or deduced.

Remory provides the ability to encrypt any textual information without dependencies on websites, physical or electronic media, based on the unique capabilities of emotional triggers in human memory.

The uniqueness of these triggers is so individual that with a prompt, a person can remember circumstances and even the date of their first sexual experience, while another person can recall the name of their biology teacher in school even after decades.

Check Yourself

Here's Bill Gates, let's assume he encrypted access to the remory storage with these questions. Can you answer them correctly?

- Where is his "lunar" scar located?
- What was his first personal phone number?
- What was the name of the yacht on which he caught a 27-kilogram tuna?

* if you're not Bill Gates.

The contents of the storage are only available to those who answer the questions correctly with 100% accuracy. Meanwhile, the storage itself is publicly accessible on the blockchain, approximately in this form:

"0b23fe7e95232eb76609223fe5 31ac5b4948fff7c24b50 4330d84fc26d7770 a662d7a5dfbe819216 165cde54d7161 5111da8993f00ca841e3a0 594aeef029b6b0b23fe 7e95232eb76609223 fe531ac5b4948fff 7c24b504330d84f c26d7770a662 d7a5dfbe8192 16165cde540b23fe7e95232eb7 6609223fe531ac5b4 948fff7c24b50433 d84fc26d7770a 662d7a5dfbe8192 16165cde54d716 15111da8993f00 ca841e3a0594aee f029b6b0b23fe7".

The private key for decryption does not exist physically - it is generated only upon providing correct answers to all the questions set by the owner, which, under attack conditions, would require at least 400 years.

Use Cases

In addition to personal use for securing highly important and private information, this technology can be applied for remote and anonymous data transmission without using physical media, for example, for saving on transaction fees when transferring crypto-assets. The encrypted data is publicly accessible as the ciphertext or the QR code of the storage can be shared on social media. The potential applications of this service are only limited by your imagination and the tasks you need to solve. For example, some quests incorporate this service as part of their gaming process.


When choosing a private data storage, it is necessary to have sufficient information about the service that is entrusted with such a responsible function. We answer basic questions about security, infrastructure, guarantees and cost.


Remory is a specialized service for ensuring the safety and security of data. Remory's fields of application are diverse — from secret storage of private data, to wills.


The encryption technology developed by Remory engineers is based on the fundamentals of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption cryptography, but it has been significantly upgraded. The source code of interaction with the service is open and available for verification by security specialists. The service does not collect or store any user data, all information used to create a repository is encrypted on the fly and is not available to developers or third parties, including government agencies of any jurisdiction. The contents of the repository are of no value for decryption attempts.


After the end of the development period and closed testing, all software tools used will be "mothballed" and disconnected from the possibility of updating.

This is a necessary condition for providing workable code throughout the entire warranty period of storage support, so the service will be provided unchanged both in 2023 and in 2050. Given the fact that the service does not use any external communications with users, the service will be performed in an absolutely isolated environment that guarantees the declared level of encryption quality and phenominal resistance to hacking.

Remory uses a distributed infrastructure — there is no central data warehouse, cloud servers operate independently in five different locations around the world Zurich, London, Singapore, San Francisco, Helsinki.


Cloud servers are paid for until 2055 by a special contract, so regardless of the condition of the resource owners, the political or financial situation in the world, all obligations will be fulfilled during the warranty period.


Currently, the service is provided without charge in the public beta mode. The development and infrastructure are financed by private investment funds. As soon as we are ready, we will offer a tariff plan for paid use of the service.